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Parents and Students,

I have an exciting year planned for my students.This year in science the students will learn information about the Earth and Space. The Scientific Method will be used to show how this tool is used to gain knowledge about the Earth and Space. So, Welcome to Science this year! The science book used is called McGraw-Hill- titled Earth Science. 

    I take pride in having a positive learning environment that is filled with respect. I base all of this on the idea that EVERY CHILD IN MY CLASS HAS A RIGHT TO LEARN. However, I cannot do this alone. Students, you have to respect each other and participate. Without you there will be no constructive discussion or learning. Parents, please help me to make sure your student is completing work at home and is practicing the learned skills. We must all work together to ensure our classroom is a successful classroom.

Homework is an important method of practicing daily skills and developing responsibility. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you encourage your child to complete each homework assignment. Review and enrichment activities will be used by me to help or challenge students as necessary. Any questions or concerns please contact me. Have a wonderful year!

Mr. Sroka's 6th Grade Science  (724) 228-2112 ext  5169

Fax: (724) 228-1196

50 Scenic Drive Washington, PA 15301



1. Follow all directions when given. 

2. You must complete your homework.

3. Use appropriate school behavior.  

4, Show respect,  

5. Be the best person you can be.


Sixth Grade is Earth Science, and it is divided into five themes.   

1. Introduction and a review of the scientific method.

2. Inside the Earth

3. Earth's Water

4. Weather

5. The Sun and the Moon

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