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Suzanne Miller RN BSN CSN

Trinity Middle School

50 Scenic Drive 

Washington, Pa 15301

724 228 2112

ext 5505


My name is Suzanne Miller. I am the certified school nurse at Trinity Middle School. This is my fourth year at TMS and ninth year in the Trinity Area School District. Previously, I spent five great years with the staff and families of Trinity North Elementary.   
I am a 1996 Trinity graduate. I have been a registered nurse for 19 amazing years.  Prior to school nursing, I worked many years in a hospital setting and then transitioned to school nursing when my children were young.  I am blessed with two beautiful children, Isabella (14) and Ben (12).   I love watching and cheering on their many activities. I enjoy family dinners, movies, online shopping, and daily trips to Starbucks.  I also coach the TMS 7th and 8th grade cheer team. If you are interested, tryouts are always in the spring.


Summer 2020

Hello students and families! I hope you all are in good health. Drink lots of water, stay active, and wear your sunscreen this summer! As far as school requirements, I am not sure what is available this summer as far as dentist and physical appointments. 7th graders are supposed to have a dose of a tdap and the mcv vaccine upon the beginning of seventh grade. I will keep everyone up to date if this changes due to co-vid 19. If a 7th grader happens to get these vaccinations, I would like a copy emailed to me at I will attach a the form for the  private dental exam for 7th also if you so happen to get an appointment this summer.


Corona advice 

Please try to keep students and families at home to try to prevent the spread of the virus. I understand it’s scary and the population is anxious. I have my moments too! Please try to avoid large playdates and group sleepovers!!. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. I have faith in the medical community to care for our people. Let’s just give them a chance! The best thing we can do is do what we are asked to do! If anyone needs someone to talk to call me or text me during this time! Please not after 10 pm. I get stress is running high for parents and students! We will get through this! Let’s support each other! I recommend  the cdc not Facebook for factual information! Take care!  If you need something I can help you with during this time email me! 



Nurse Suzanne 

If you need any assistance or questions my contact information is or 724 228 2112 ext  5505.  I will be happy to speak with you anytime.  


Hope you are feeling well and staying home! Most up to date information I look to is

I like this tik tok about handwashing also! Check it out!

Stay calm and safe! 


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