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Mr. Trusler

Physical education teacher - Trinity West and South

Welcome to Trinity Elementary Physical Education!

Hello, my name is Mr Trusler. I am the elementary Gym teacher at Trinity West and South. I am a college graduate from Penn State and I have been teaching at Trinity for 31 years. I also am a graduate from Trinity area school district. 

The physical education department provides the students development and appreciation for a strong and healthy body with the realization of the importance of maintaining this healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. The physical education program emphasizes physical fitness, team and lifetime activities. This program is designed to encourage maximum participation during class time. Active participation and practice are the means for improving students' fitness, skills, and enjoyment.

Students at the elementary schools have physical education one day a week for 40 minutes. In order to provide the best possible experience for your child, we must all work together as a team! Please remind your child to dress appropriately for gym class. For comfort and safety purposes, he/she should wear running shoes with rubber soles, and shorts or loose fitting clothing. Physical activity must be done regularly to achieve health benefits. Therefore, your child's participation is very important. If she/he is sick or unable to participate in activities, please let me know by note or phone call prior to class.

Although one of my main goals is to teach and show the importance of proper body mechanics it is very important to keep the kids moving as much as possible during the class period and for students to have fun. It is important to me that every child feel successful each day, and that they leave gym class eager to have gym class again.

One of my goals is to actively engage students in sufficient amounts of moderate to vigorous physical activity to improve and/or maintain their physical health and well being. Another goal is to encourage children to apply the skills and knowledge they acquire during class and to seek opportunities to be active outside of school and as part of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, instructional units are planned to develop motor, personal, and social skills.

Gym class offers instruction and practice in a realistic number of diverse skills and activities appropriate for kindergarten through fifth grade children. The curriculum is charted to take best advantage of developmentally appropriate activities without overwhelming students. Repetition within classes and within units allows students to develop sufficient skills so they become comfortable with an activity.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Thank you very much.

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