Trinity Elementary School Counseling ESAP

Trinity Area School District offers a student assistance program at the elementary level.  Known as "


," (Elementary Student Assistance Program), this program is a systematic intervention process designed to help students who may be at risk of engaging in harmful behavior and these social/emotional/behavioral issues are causing problems at school.


Each school has its own ESAP team that consists of teachers, counselors, nurses, and principals.  These faculty members are able to draw from their own areas of expertise and come together to devise an individualized plan to help students who are referred to the program.


If it is determined that the best way to help a student is through the ESAP process, permission to participate in the program must first be obtained from the parents/guardians.  Please note:  

parent/guardian permission is mandatory for the student to be involved in the program.


Once permisson is granted, the team will collect data on the student and they will come together to brainstorm solutions and devise a plan.  Parents will be involved in this process.  The plan will be implemented for 30 school days, after which, the team will reconvene to determine if the plan was successful or if other avenues need to be explored.


If you feel ESAP may help your child, please contact your school's counselor to discuss your concerns.