Free choice of books builds independent readers. Learning keyword searching on Google in preparation for collaborative research projects. LEGOs extend understanding of stories. LEGO Story Extensions

Welcome to MY LIBRARY & IMAGINATION STATION at Trinity South, where students are inspired to read for recreation, to use valid and reliable resources for collaborative research projects, and to extend and apply what they are learning in their classrooms through a variety of activities.  

The Imagination Station brings hands-on activities, such as a LEGO table, and a NoRILLA table, as well as other tools that will encourage students to explore & develop skills in the area of STEAM.  The space still functions as a library and students continue to check out books each week.  The name "My Library" expresses that the library serves everyone and has something for everyone.  

While in the space, students work to meet a variety of Common Core Standards.  Additionally, standards from the American Association of School Librarians, which focus on information literacy and encouraging students to "Think, Create, Share, and Grow," will also be phased in over the course of this school year.  For more information on these standards, please click here:  AASL Standards Parent Info


Library Schedule:

Thursdays & Fridays



Jennifer Paluda

724.225.7490, ext. 3506

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