Health Services


On March 6, 2017 The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education revised 28 Pa. Code, Chapter 23, Subchapter C, of the Pennsylvania School Code.

 The following requirements are now required for any child enrolling in the Trinity Area School District beginning in August 2017:

  1. Requiring exclusion from school attendance of a child who lacks a single dose of a single dose vaccine and/or the first dose of a multiple dose vaccine.
  2. Allowing a child that needs the next or final dose of a multiple dose vaccine 5 school days to obtain the next or final dose in the series before being excluded from school attendance; or
  3. Allowing a child needing more than one dose of a multiple-dose vaccine series beyond the five days to attend school provisionally upon the submission of a medical certificate outlining the dates for completion of the multiple-dose vaccination series.
  4. Requiring school administrators to review the medical certificate and the child’s compliance at least every thirty (30) days.
  5. Allowing school administrators to exclude a child who does not comply with the dates in the submitted medical certificate.
  6. Adding a 4th dose of the polio vaccination to be administered on or after the 4th birthday and no sooner than 6th months from the previous dose.
  7. A second dose of the meningococcal conjugate (MCV) vaccination in for entry into 12th grade. If the first MCV dose was given on or after the 16th birthday the second dose is not required.

 Many physicians may not be aware of this legislation change allowing for only a 5 day grace period to have all immunizations complete. If your child does not have all the required multi-dose vaccination series’ complete please contact your physician, make them aware of the immunization legislation changes and make arrangements for your child to complete the required immunizations before the beginning of school on August 21, 2017.

Every Trinity Area School District Health office is staffed on a full-time basis by a Certified School Nurse. In the state of Pennsylvania, school nurses must be registered nurses with a baccalaureate degree and certificate in school nursing.

The National Association of School Nurses defines school nursing as a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and lifelong achievement and health of students. To that end, school nurses facilitate normal development and positive student response to interventions; promote health and safety including a healthy environment; intervene with actual and potential health problems; provide case management services; and actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self advocacy, and learning (National Association of School Nurses [NASN], 2010).

The Certified School Nurses in the Trinity Area School District support student success, protect and promote the health and safety of all students in the following ways:

  1. Ensure that all students are properly immunized
  2. Provide health screenings
  3. Assess and treat acute illnesses and injuries
  4. Provide emergency care
  5. Manage chronic health conditions in the school setting
  6. Administer medications and carry out medical procedures
  7. Help students develop positive life-style choices
  8. Assist faculty and staff to make health related adaptations to the school program
  9. Assist families to gain access to community health care programs
  10. Promote a safe school environment
  11. Serve as a resource to faculty, administration, and students
  12. Promote health-related educational programs for students, staff and families. 



Trinity High School

Mrs. Beth Sutherin, RN, BSN, CSN

724-225-5380 Ext. 6517
Trinity Middle School

Ms. Suzanne Miller, RN, BSN, CSN

724-223-2000 Ext: 5505
Trinity West Elementary School

Mrs. Amanda Gaiser, RN, BSN, CSN

724-222-4730 Ext.1503
Trinity South Elementary School

Mrs. Bea Bebout, RN, BSN, CSN

724-225-7490 Ext. 3503
Trinity North Elementary School

Mrs. Christy Frazier, RN, BSN, CSN

724-222-5064 Ext. 2503
Trinity East Elementary School

Mrs. Maggie Drezewski, RN, BSN, CSN

724-225-8140 Ext. 4503