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By the end of the year, students will have learned Safety in the work place, AKC/CFA organizations, recognize breeds by sight (26 canine, 15 feline, 16 equine, 12 bovine) as well as how they are subdivided into groups/categories.  We will learn the domestication process, different breed characteristics and common diseases seen in different breeds. The students will learn about different behaviors in each breed as well as behavior throughout the life cycle, communication and social behavior.  We will learn training and behavior modification techniques as well as training and problem prevention in puppies and kittens such as unruly/disruptive behaviors, elimination problems, separation, fear, anxiety and aggression. Students will also become skilled in different handling techniques by utilizing our outside learning resources such as local Veterinary clinics and shelters.  Students are required to obtain 75 hours of outside observations by the end of the school year.  This class will also have the ability to obtain their OSHA certification.


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