Veterinary Medical Terminology  

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This course is an introduction to Veterinary Medical Terminology.  By the end of the year students will have learned positional terms and directional terms as well as common anatomical terms.  They will learn different common species names along with the common terms associated with each species. Students will know the common eye, ear,  digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, integumentary, endocrine and reproductive terms. They will also learn the numbers and abbreviations used to complete medical records and forms.  Students will be able to read a syringe volume, while also being able to add/subtract volume. We will learn volume abbreviations as well as volume conversions. Students will gain knowledge in computer software, office and hospital procedures and  how to build good client relationships. They will learn inventory, SOP’s, and how to keep proper medical OSHA, and MSDS records.  The students are required to obtain 75 hours of outside observations by the end of the school year.  The class will also have the ability to become certified in Pet First Aid.

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