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(1/2 year Small Animal Science): Small animal science will explore the scientific principles of daily care involved in small animal production. These studies will include small animal care, safety, small animals as pets, animal rights and welfare and careers in small animal care. Students will study information for animals such as rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs, and birds.

(1/2 year Large Animal Science): Large animal science will explore the principles involved in large animal research and development. These studies will include the beef industry, sheep industry, goat industry, horse industry, dairy industry, and swine industry. Students will study information on reproduction, care and feeding, and basic veterinary science for each of the industries listed.   This class would be especially beneficial to students who are exploring careers in veterinary care or who wish to learn more about the small and large animal industry. It is suggested that students had passed Introduction to Agricultural Science to enroll in this course.  FFA membership is curriculum required.  This General Agriculture is not a POS, it is a Tech Prep and we have an Articulation Agreement with Delaware Valley College.

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