Agricultural Leadership and Communications  

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This course is the secondary study of all the areas of agri-science. It is designed to give students a more in depth study of animals and plant science as well as agricultural business. Students will be involved in research projects which will explore current trends in agricultural industry. These studies may include but are not limited to: dairy food quality testing, alternative fuels, organic farming, and non-traditional farming practices.  This course will incorporate the activities of the FFA program. Students will learn basic record keeping by completing an FFA record book using MS EXCEL. Students will learn communication skills and Robert's Rules of Order by using the FFA speech format and parliamentary procedure event. Each student will write a conversation speech, prepared speech and extemporaneous speech to present in class. This class will benefit any student looking to further their education in agriculture after high school. We will be completing lab reports and documents that will assist in college level courses.  It is suggested that students had passed Introduction to Agricultural Science to enroll in this course.  FFA membership is curriculum required.

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