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Welcome to Geometry!  In Geometry, we plan to work with your child to teach him/her the foundations of Geometry including finding and describing patterns, inductive reasoning, points, lines, planes, segments and angles and their measures properties, equation solving, and graphing. They will also explore and use segment and angle bisectors, complementary and supplementary angles, vertical angles, deductive reasoning and properties of equality and congruence, use triangle relationships including classification of triangles, angle measures of triangles, isosceles and equilateral triangles, the Pythagorean Theorem, the distance formula, the converse of the Pythagorean Theorem, medians of a triangle and triangle inequalities. It is essential that your child master these concepts so he/she can be successful in the course and on the state assessment.  Please take the time to read this document so you and I both can help your child be as successful in this course as possible.  To view grades and assignments for my math class, please check Edline.  I update the grades and assignments at the end of every week.


Classroom Behavior:


1.  Respect and be polite to everyone.

  • Golden Rule: Treat your peers the way you would want to be treated.
  • Do not swear.
  • Raise your hand when you need to say something or ask a question.


2. Come to class on time.

  • Three late entries to class results in an office referral.
  • The door will be closed as soon as the bell rings.  I will not wait for you to arrive.


3.  Come to class prepared.

  • ALWAYS bring your book, notebook, homework, pencil with you.
  • Have your pencils sharpened before class starts.


4.  Show respect for other people’s property.

  • Borrow other people’s materials only with their permission.
  • DO NOT write on the desks.  These desks are school property, and writing on anything that is considered school property is considered vandalism.


5.  Listen and stay seated while someone else is speaking.

  • Stay quiet while other people are talking.
  • Leave your seat only when given permission.
  • Please wait until after class to throw away papers. 


6.   No cell phone usage! (You will not need it for our class.)

  • Could result in a discipline referral.


7.   Obey all school rules. 

  • All school rules apply in Mr. Rhodes’s class.

Classroom Discipline Policy:


Failure to act in an appropriate manner will result in the following:

  • 1st Infraction:  Verbal Warning/Discussion with Mr. Rhodes
  • 2nd Infraction:  Phone call to parents and writing assignment
  • 3rd Infraction:  Office Referral


If inappropriate behavior is exhibited during this class, you may be written up without prior warning.



Your grade will be determined based on:


1.  Quizzes

  • You will have between two to four quizzes per chapter.
  • Quizzes will not be comprehensive.  I will specifically let you know what will be on each quiz.
  • They will cover all sections that we have covered in that chapter.
  • The quizzes will address the problems of the type learned in class (regular and word problems) as well as the notes from the students’ notebooks.
  • Calculators are required for tests.


2.  Homework

  • Homework will be given nearly daily so that students can practice what they learned in class that day.  Class time will always be provided to start assignments.
  • Homework is important not only because it affects your grade, but also because one skill must be mastered before you can build on it in mathematics. 
  • Homework is expected to be complete by the time the bell rings for class the following day. 
  • Homework will be checked daily for completeness, not always for correctness.  The student needs to show the question, all of his/her work, and the answer. 
  • If an assignment will be graded, the student will know ahead of time.
  • Homework checks will be counted for two points per assignment.
  • Homework will not be accepted if you copied it from someone.  Both students will receive a zero for that assignment.


3.   Class Participation

  • You are expected to participate in discussions.
  •  Class participation will be factored into your grade.


4.  Bell Ringer

  • Bellwork is given at the very beginning of the period for students to practice.
  • Usually one to three problems are given per day.
  • Bellwork counts for five points per week and will be collected on the 2nd Friday.
  • If bellwork is not turned in, a zero will be given for the two weeks.
  • Bellwork can only be made up due to an absence.


5.  In-Class assignments

  • In-Class assignments will cover such things as guided practice in the classroom, group work, activities, and graded class assignments.
  • In-Class assignments will differ in its value from week to week.

In-Class assignments are expected to be turned in by the end of the period.


6.  Notebook

  • Your notebook is important because it is a record of everything we have covered in this class.
  • You will be expected to copy any definitions, notes, or example problems I put on the board.
  • You are responsible for any notes you may have missed due to an absence.
  • You will be given a notebook grade at the end of each semester


7.  Bonus

  • You will have opportunities to receive bonus points on tests, homework, and/or class assignments.
  • You will also be presented with one larger bonus project for the semester.
  • Mr. Rhodes reserves the right to revoke any given bonus points for undesirable behavior.


Work missed due to absence:

  • Students have three (5) days to make up a test or quiz due to an absence. 
  • If notes are missed, you must get them from either a friend or from Mr. Rhodes. 
  • In the event a student misses class due to a class cut or because he/she was sent to the office for misbehavior, the student will receive a 0 for any work given on that day – NO EXCEPTIONS!



  • Cheating in any way, shape, or form is strictly prohibited.  Any student caught cheating will receive a 0 for that activity.
  • Copying is considered cheating.
  • If a student is caught cheating two times, he/she will be written up and will fail the course


If you need extra help:

  • I am your teacher for this course.  Please ask if you are having difficulty.
  • After School Tutoring is available, so please ask if interested.



  • Calculators will be an important part of Geometry.
  • Trinity Area School District does supply some calculators in the Geometry classroom.
  • Absolutely no calculators will be loaned to students for completion of assignments or tests outside of class.
  • The Math Department has the Texas Instruments TI-30XII SLR Solar Scientific Calculator in the classroom for students to use daily.
  • Students may use a different brand’s scientific calculator.
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