Rules, Policies and Procedures

7th Grade Science Classroom Policy and Procedures - Ms.Spadaro


ABOUT ME: I attended California University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1988 with a B.S.Ed. in Secondary Biology and again in 1993 with a M. Ed. in Elementary Education. This is my 23rd year at Trinity. While at TMS, I have taught all three grade levels of science. I am also the Middle School Science Department Head.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  During the course of the year, students will be involved in a variety of activities including individual, small and large group activities, projects, experiments, group discussions, computer simulations and inquiry labs. Students will be using microscopes, chemicals and other materials. They will be required to sign a safety contract. You can check the Trinity website to view the standards more closely for 7th grade science. 


Units for 1st Semester

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Science
  • Topic 2: Characteristics of Living Things and Classification
  • Topic 3: Cells and Cell Processes
  • Topic 4: Reproduction

Units for 2nd Semester

  • Topic 5: Genetics
  • Topic 6: Evolution
  • Topic 7: Ecology
  • Topic 8: Agriculture and Pest Management (time permitting)


For a more complete detailed look at the Performance Standards that we will address this school year, please look at the Department of Education’s website,


SUPPLIES:  Students need to bring the following to class every day:

     *  Science Binder                       * Highlighter

         *  Pencil or pen


EXPECTATIONS: Students need to be on-time, on-task and prepared to learn every day; keep personal electronics put away; be responsible for their own learning; respect the teacher, the classroom and other students; put trash in the trash can.



TEXTBOOK:  We have two textbooks that we will be using this year – iScience – Life: Structure and Functions and Interactions of Life – from McGraw-Hill. The textbooks are merely a resource and they do not drive the curriculum. We will also be using many other resources for learning.



GRADING SCALE:  Grades are assigned according to the district scale.


A= 90-100                            D= 60 - 69

B = 80-89                            F= 0-59         

C = 70-79       





GRADING SYSTEM:  Homework is assigned on an as-needed basis. Students that were absent on the day I assigned homework will be given one day for each day they were absent to complete it. Homework is collected and graded by the number of points it contains. I will accept homework assignments, projects and labs up to a week after its due date, however it is graded as late and 11% is deducted from the total. After one week, the grade becomes a zero and will be indicated as such on Skyward.


SCENTED THINGS: PERFUME, HAND LOTIONS, AND SANITIZERS: Please do not spray or use anything that has a scent in this room. Some people have allergies or it may cause other health problems such as an asthma attack or migraine headaches. Please be considerate of others.



ABSENCES AND TARDIES TO SCHOOL: When students are absent or tardy, they need to check the folder for their missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to gather and make-up any missed assignments after being out of class. 


TARDIES TO CLASS:  If you are late because of another class, ask that teacher for a pass. If you are late because of your locker, report it to your homeroom teacher and request a pass from them. Students that do not have a pass are mark unexcused. Three unexcused tardies will result in a phone call home. Four unexcused tardies will result in After School Detention.







IDGETS, FIDGET SPINNERS, TOYS, Etc.:  Fidgets, fidget spinners, toys, etc… are not permitted in class at any time unless there is documentation from a doctor deeming it medically necessary. Failure to comply will result in confiscation. Please do not allow your child to bring them to school.



COMMUNCATION: I send out weekly emails with my lesson plans attached and any pertinent information as to what is happening in class. You can always reach me through email at or by phone at (724) 228-2112-x5152. I cannot answer your call during class time, but if you leave a message with a phone number I will return your call as soon as possible. 



CONFERENCES:  Conferences can be scheduled during our Parent Conference Day in the fall. Parents may see me or the entire team during school hours at any time during the year. Please email me to set up a time to meet.