Fifth Grade

Hi fifth grade! 

We have been incredibly busy this fall! Fifth grade started the year by creating sketchbooks that are stored in our room this year for individual drawing projects and sketches for bigger project ideas as well. 

Next students practiced paint mixing and created dots for a mural inspired by the book The Dot and International Dot Day. 

Students enjoyed using charcoal to create still life jack-o-lantern drawings for October. 

Because of our rotating schedule with the Pittsburgh Glass Center and our regular school calendar, we will miss some individual art project times in November. However, each student should complete one more project by Thanksgiving with more to come in December. 

Housekeeping - 

Please remember in art class we paint, sculpt, draw and use traditional and non traditional media to create! As your students are learning the processes, messes happen. If possible, please avoid having your students wear their best clothes to art class, or the color white! If you'd like to send an art shirt to school with your child, I will store them in the art room each week. Please label the shirt with your child's name, grade and teacher prior to sending the shirt. Thank you!