Room 106

Welcome to Room 106. 

Here you can find information about our classroom.


Daily Activities

Lunch 11:00 – 11:30
Recess 11:30 – 12:00

Monday Music 1:20

Tuesday Technology 10:10

Wednesday Library 10:10

Thursday Gym 10:10

Friday Art 1:20



Anytime your child is absent from school please send the doctor pass or a written excuse explaining the absence on the day your child returns to school.



Students are expected to arrive at school and be ready for class no later than 8:45 each day. Students arriving after 8:45 will be counted tardy, unless they have a note from a doctor stating they had a morning appointment.



Please send lunch money in an envelope marked with your child's name, room number, and amount of money enclosed. Lunch accounts are used in the cafeteria using your child's finger scan. Money can be paid into the account at any time. Breakfast and lunch menu's will be sent home at the beginning of each month.


1st Grade Homework Information

Reading - encourage each child to read and to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning. As with anything else we learn to do - the more practice we receive, the more skilled we become, and the more we enjoy it. Your child should read for at least 30 minutes every evening.

*Decodable readers will be assigned each week.


Math - Each child will need to memorize the basic addition facts this year. Please work with flashcards to help your child memorize the facts. Additional math homework will be sent home to review skills previously taught.


Spelling-A spelling test will be given on each week and will consist of word patterns, as well as, high frequency words that all first graders use frequently in their writing. A word list will be sent home at the start of each unit. Please help your child review the words each evening.


Please be aware that any work not completed during class time will also be considered homework and it is due the next day.


HOME Binder

Your child will bring home a folder everyday. The purpose of this folder is to instill responsibility and organizational skills and to ensure good communication between home and school. Please check this folder every afternoon for notes that need your attention, homework and graded papers. Be sure your child brings this folder to school every morning!


Graded Papers

Graded papers will be placed in the "Take Home" pocket of the take home folder. Please check daily for work sent home. This will allow you to congratulate a job well done and help with anything that your child is struggling with.



Birthdays are an important celebration for first graders. Beginning with this school year, only non-edible treats will be permitted in the classrooms. We know that birthdays and other holidays are important celebrations for first graders and they like to pass out “goodies.” We are requesting that either a donation of a game, movie or book be donated to the classroom instead of sending in food. Other acceptable “goodies” are glue sticks, crayons, erasers, stickers and pencils for each student. All food items brought to school as a snack or treat will be sent home with the student at the end of the day.

Our classroom count as of now is 19 students. Students who celebrate a summer birthday may be recognized anytime during the school year. Please let me know when you are planning to celebrate so that I can be ready with my small gift as well.



If your child must take medication of any kind (prescriptions, aspirin, cough drops or syrup, etc) please send it to school with a note stating the time it is to be taken. Please remember that medication cannot be administered unless the nurse has written permission from the parent/guardian.