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Third Graders will be asked to visit the website that is linked in the description. Here are the instructions for the assignment:

1. Log in to the San Francisco Symphony Kids

2. Under “The Sea of Knowledge” click “Let’s Start”

3. Choose the large “Instruments” bubble

4. Choose the “Instrument Families” bubble

5. This week we will be working on The String Family only. (Please do not work ahead.) Choose the large “The String Family” bubble and read the information.

6. Choose the large “String Instruments” bubble.

7. Explore each of the five instruments in the String Family in the following ways:

  • Click on the bubble with the name of each instrument
  • An example of what the instrument sounds like will play
  • Read the paragraph which describes the instrument (Be sure to scroll down to see all of the information)
  • Click to zoom in on the various parts of the instrument. Click again to close the box
  • Choose “Back to Exploring” (Do not click on “Play this Instrument”)
  • Choose “Music Featuring the ----------“
  • Listen to one selection from start to finish


Students will finish by responding to questions on the 'Assignment' link listed down below. Please email me at with any questions!

Happy Music Making!


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