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During the first nine weeks fifth graders read a novel and worked on features of fiction. We took notes on setting, characters, plot, genres, character analysis, and story devices. We also compared two stories and two characters. Students were able to identify point of view, author's purpose, and theme! 

During the second nine weeks the fifth grade started nonfiction. We identify main idea and details, supporting details and nonfiction text features. The TDA was worked on for the first time in small groups. Students can write an introduction with a thesis and a claim. They can find evidence to support the answer and make inferences about what they read. Then we compared fiction and nonfiction texts. The end of the nine weeks will be spent completing a poetry unit!

During the third nine weeks fifth graders will continue to read novels and nonfiction articles. They will be able to complete a full TDA independently. We work on claims, generalizations, and shades of meaning. By the end of the nine weeks we will be preparing for the PSSA's.

During the final nine weeks students will have the opportunity to work on projects with several novels. These are cross-curricular activities. 

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