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During the first nine weeks sixth grade students will work on many grammar lessons, review grammar rules from elementary school, and work on conventions! Our lessons will include learning activities covering the mechanics of sentence structure (subject/predicate, sentence fragments, dependent and independent clauses), punctuation, parts of speech, pronouns, noun-verb agreement, adverbs and verbs (transitive, intransitive, tenses), and punctuation (commas, capitalization). They will also learn the structure of a Text Dependent Analysis Essay.

During the second nine weeks the students will apply their knowledge of grammar through their writing. Students will develop their writing skills by working with expository and descriptive pieces.

During the third nine weeks sixth graders will dabble in vocabulary. Students will become independent vocabulary learners. They will learn to identify word origins, use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms. Students will develop their writing skills by working with argumentative pieces. By the end of the nine weeks we will be preparing for the PSSA's.

During the final nine weeks students will have the opportunity to work on narrative writing and poetry. They will have projects to complete as well.

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