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Students come to my office for all sorts of issues.  I have standardized my treatments for some of the most common complaints so that each student is treated fairly, and to help students start to learn to take care of themselves in a healthy way.  Please keep in mind that I am unable to administer any medication without a form signed by a parent/guardian and the student's doctor.

When students complain of a stomachache, I ask a number of questions such as, when did this symptom start, what/when did you most recently eat, do you need to use the restroom?  I offer mints (Bob's sweet mints from Sam's Club), Saltine crackers, ice water, ice chips, small heat packs they can take to class and return to me later, or resting with any of the above for 15-20 minutes if symptoms are more severe.  I do have a small amount of snacks in my office if students are hungry, or I will take them over to get breakfast if it is early in the day.  If a student start to come to my office frequently for the same complaints, I will start to ask if something is bothering them at school or at home, if they need to talk to the guidance counselor/ social worker, if they need a few minutes just to collect themselves.  I do also have some books and markers/paper if this is the case.  If I do have concerns about a student's frequent complaints, I will definitely call the parent/guardian listed on the Emergency Care Card that you fill out at the beginning of each year.

For complaints of headaches, I have a similar system in which I ask when symptoms started, etc.  I typically check the student's temp first, then assuming no fever, offer ice water (many mild headaches are caused by simple mild dehydration!), ice packs, a snack, and a rest if the headache is more bothersome.  If his/her temp is at 99.0 and above initially, I make them stay with me for 10-15 minutes and recheck- will send home if increasing and above 100.0, or return to class if the temp goes back down below 99.0.  For frequent complaints of headaches, I will engage the student in similar questions as with frequent stomachaches, and call home if I am concerned about a student's health or emotional situation.

Otherwise, I do have an assortment of over the counter creams for various complaints, a BP cuff, stethoscope, pulse oximeter (for checking oxygen levels/ heart rate), thermometer, and otoscope (I can check for inflammation or irritation in the ear but cannot diagnose).  I have eye wash supplies, contact solution, wax for braces, tooth necklaces, salt for salt water gargles, and obviously lots and lots of cough drops :)

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