Lice Treatments/ Info

Traditional treatments for lice infestations include Nix, Rid and Vamousse.  These treatments can be found at any local pharmacy or supermarket.  Keep in mind that these treatments kill live louse but you must still carefully comb through all the hair to physically remove each nit (an immature louse that attaches itself to the hair shaft) or each one will mature into a live louse that will crawl around the affected person's head.

Another option is to go to the Center for Lice Removal, LLC in Greentree, PA.  This service utilizes an enzyme to release the nits from the hair shaft and they guarantee complete removal of all nits/lice.  Treatments are safe for pregnant women and young children.  You can also purchase their products and complete the removal at home if the full treatment is financially difficult to obtain.  See their Facebook page or call before making the trip @ 412-875-6599.

Our district policy is that an affected student must be nit free to return to school.  Before a student can return to bussing and a normal school day, he/she must be examined by the school nurse and approved to return.