Honors Algebra 2

What will we be doing in Honors Algebra 2 this year?

The course is designed to develop basic and more advanced algebraic tools and the mathematical ability that will help students participate in an ever–changing world.  Students develop a firm grasp of the underlying mathematical concepts while using algebra, geometry and trigonometry as tools for solving problems.  Technology will be used to deepen understanding and skills.  Consistent problem–solving strategies will be introduced and utilized to assist in developing strong mathematical skills.  Students will use technology to help verify and explain many of the explored topics.  Graphing calculators will be provided and used for in-class work, homework, as well as on quizzes and tests.  Students should bring their calculator with them to class every day.  The purpose of this course is to prepare students for the Keystone Algebra I exam, college and the future mathematics courses. 

 This course is designed to prepare you not only for further mathematics courses but also for success in higher education as well as for success on standardized tests, like the ACT and SAT. Thus, you will be expected to take responsibility for your own learning. This means, that I expect you to complete all homework assignments regularly, to be an active participant and listener in class, to work cooperatively with your peers as well as with me, and to come to class organized, prepared, and ready to learn.


In addition, it will be up to you to realize when you need extra help and/or practice. I will provide several opportunities for further practice. It is your responsibility to take advantage of them. Also remember the tutoring offered after school in Room 258. . 


You will be experiencing a variety of activities through the year. Some days may involve lecturing and independent class work. Other days, you will be participating in cooperative learning groups, researching and designing projects and making presentations to the class.


Your success in this course will require hard work and self-discipline, a responsible and positive attitude and consistent class attendance. I am looking forward to working with and getting to know each of you. Together, I am confident that we will have an enjoyable and successful year of Honors Algebra 2.


Course Outline:

•             Solve equations and inequalities (one–variable and two–variable)

•             Write, solve and graph linear equations

•             Solve and graph absolute value equations

•             Write, solve algebraically and graph systems of equations and inequalities 

•             Use linear programming in real–life applications

•             Use matrix multiplication and determinants

•             Use and describe properties and transformations of  parabolas

•             Graph, factor and solve quadratic functions

•             Simplify, add, subtract, and multiply complex numbers

•             Find the degree of polynomial function graph

•             Solve quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, using the quadratic formula, long division, synthetic division, and the quadratic formula

•             Add, subtract, multiply, divide, graph, solve, and rewrite radical expressions

•             Convert and simplify rational exponents

•             Explore composition of functions

•             Write, solve and graph inverse functions

•             Use the properties of exponential functions to write, solve and graph

•             Use the properties of logarithms (and natural logarithms) to write, solve and graph the functions, as well as change the base.


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