Advanced Algebra with Trig

What will we be doing in Advanced Algebra this year?

This course will cover a wide range of mathematical topics that will prepare students for collegiate mathematics.   The course is targeted towards students who are in the top 50% of their graduating class and will be required to take a mathematics course in college.  Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry will illustrate how mathematics can be applied to the daily lives of students in interesting and practical ways. The course will enable students to develop problem-solving skills and foster critical thinking skills. The course will use technology, in particular, the TI–83 graphing calculator.


Course Outline:

•             Explore and write arithmetic and geometric sequences using patterns and formulas

•             Find the sum of geometric sequences, when applicable

•             Use inductive and deductive reasoning

•             Use Venn diagrams

•             Explore set concepts and perform set operations

•             Explore compound statements and connectives

•             Use truth tables

•             Explore number bases and do conversions

•             Compute simple and compound interest

•             Explore annuities, stocks, and bonds

•             Explore probability:

permutations, combinations, sampling, frequency distributions, Normal distribution & graphs

•             Review linear and quadratic equations (solving, writing and graphing)

•             Solve systems of linear equations with two and three variables

•             Explore and use elementary Trigonometry including the unit circle and Right triangle trigonometry

•             Graph the sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant and cotangent functions

•             Graph and solve inverse trigonometric functions

•             Use proofs to verify Trigonometric identities

•             Use Trigonometric identities to solve problems


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