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AlivetoBrittany  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brittany Aliveto [Profile] for Brittany Aliveto
AmaismeierMaggie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Maggie Amaismeier [Profile] for Maggie Amaismeier
BanishSylvia  -  7242631766
[Email] for Sylvia Banish [Profile] for Sylvia Banish
BeachyElizabeth  - 
[Email] for Elizabeth Beachy [Profile] for Elizabeth Beachy
BellevilleBobbi  -  Ext:
[Email] for Bobbi Belleville [Profile] for Bobbi Belleville
BennettLaura  -  Ext:
[Email] for Laura Bennett [Profile] for Laura Bennett
BennettMalia  -  Ext:
[Email] for Malia Bennett [Profile] for Malia Bennett
BerryMalcolm  -  Ext:
[Email] for Malcolm Berry [Profile] for Malcolm Berry
BoczarLauren  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lauren Boczar [Profile] for Lauren Boczar
BooherRebecca  -  Ext:
[Email] for Rebecca Booher [Profile] for Rebecca Booher
BurchettAmanda  -  Ext:
[Email] for Amanda Burchett [Profile] for Amanda Burchett
BurnsTia  -  Ext:
[Email] for Tia Burns [Profile] for Tia Burns
ChildMeghan  -  Ext: 6160
[Email] for Meghan Child [Profile] for Meghan Child
ClacksErek  -  Ext:
[Email] for Erek Clacks [Profile] for Erek Clacks
CoyleRyan  - 
[Email] for Ryan Coyle [Profile] for Ryan Coyle
CrissmanTodd  -  Ext: 6032
[Email] for Todd Crissman [Profile] for Todd Crissman
DawsonMelanie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melanie Dawson [Profile] for Melanie Dawson
DemianSammy  -  Interim Principal, Trinity North Elementary School Ext:
[Email] for Sammy Demian [Profile] for Sammy Demian
DenmanDiana  -  Ext:
[Email] for Diana Denman [Profile] for Diana Denman
DenmanLisa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lisa Denman [Profile] for Lisa Denman
DigonMichele (Shelly)  -  Enrollment Secretary 724-223-2000 ext. 6510
[Email] for Michele (Shelly) Digon [Profile] for Michele (Shelly) Digon
DileonardoRobert  -  Ext:
[Email] for Robert Dileonardo [Profile] for Robert Dileonardo
DurilaRobin  -  Ext:
[Email] for Robin Durila [Profile] for Robin Durila
FranzLesa  -  High School Guidance Secretary 724-223-2000 extension 6515
[Email] for Lesa Franz [Profile] for Lesa Franz
FrazeeAmy  -  Ext:
[Email] for Amy Frazee [Profile] for Amy Frazee
GiorgiJoMarie  -  Ext:
[Email] for JoMarie Giorgi [Profile] for JoMarie Giorgi
GoodDavid  -  Ext:
[Email] for David Good [Profile] for David Good
GreerRebecca  -  Ext:
[Email] for Rebecca Greer [Profile] for Rebecca Greer
HarperQuentin  -  Ext:
[Email] for Quentin Harper [Profile] for Quentin Harper
HarringtonAshley  -  Ext:
[Email] for Ashley Harrington [Profile] for Ashley Harrington
HartleyJeannette  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jeannette Hartley [Profile] for Jeannette Hartley
HelmkampErin  -  Ext:
[Email] for Erin Helmkamp [Profile] for Erin Helmkamp
HiltyDan  -  Ext:
[Email] for Dan Hilty [Profile] for Dan Hilty
HusemanLynn  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lynn Huseman [Profile] for Lynn Huseman
HuskElizabeth  -  Ext:
[Email] for Elizabeth Husk [Profile] for Elizabeth Husk
HuskJohn  -  Ext:
[Email] for John Husk [Profile] for John Husk
KeenerElisabeth  -  Ext:
[Email] for Elisabeth Keener [Profile] for Elisabeth Keener
KimeBrad  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brad Kime [Profile] for Brad Kime
KinneyAlyssa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Alyssa Kinney [Profile] for Alyssa Kinney
KomulaMatthew  -  Ext:
[Email] for Matthew Komula [Profile] for Matthew Komula
KorolyMichael  -  Ext:
[Email] for Michael Koroly [Profile] for Michael Koroly
LeeThomas  -  Ext:
[Email] for Thomas Lee [Profile] for Thomas Lee
MacinoRebecca  -  Ext:
[Email] for Rebecca Macino [Profile] for Rebecca Macino
MacKinneySherrie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Sherrie MacKinney [Profile] for Sherrie MacKinney
MajorisLouis  -  Ext:
[Email] for Louis Majoris [Profile] for Louis Majoris
McCarthyErika  -  Ext:
[Email] for Erika McCarthy [Profile] for Erika McCarthy
McConnell-MillerKathy  -  Career and College Programs/Public Relations Ext:
[Email] for Kathy McConnell-Miller [Profile] for Kathy McConnell-Miller
McLaughlinJohn  -  Ext:
[Email] for John McLaughlin [Profile] for John McLaughlin
MerchantJordan  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jordan Merchant [Profile] for Jordan Merchant
MigyankoAlison  -  Ext:
[Email] for Alison Migyanko [Profile] for Alison Migyanko
MillerJon  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jon Miller [Profile] for Jon Miller
ModrakLuke  -  BCIT/FCS/English/Marketing Teacher; Head Swim Coach x6152
[Email] for Luke Modrak [Profile] for Luke Modrak
MonteleoneMelissa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melissa Monteleone [Profile] for Melissa Monteleone
MountainGretchen  -  Ext:
[Email] for Gretchen Mountain [Profile] for Gretchen Mountain
O'LareKathryn  -  English Teacher Ext: 6164
[Email] for Kathryn O'Lare [Profile] for Kathryn O'Lare
PegramStacey  -  Ext:
[Email] for Stacey Pegram [Profile] for Stacey Pegram
PhillipsNicholas  -  Ext:
[Email] for Nicholas Phillips [Profile] for Nicholas Phillips
PolanskySteve  -  Ext:
[Email] for Steve Polansky [Profile] for Steve Polansky
PolettiAnthony  -  Ext:
[Email] for Anthony Poletti [Profile] for Anthony Poletti
PolettiWilliam  -  Ext:
[Email] for William Poletti [Profile] for William Poletti
PorterfieldJason  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jason Porterfield [Profile] for Jason Porterfield
PowellMark  -  Ext:
[Email] for Mark Powell [Profile] for Mark Powell
PrenticeBrandon  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brandon Prentice [Profile] for Brandon Prentice
RakoczyJennifer  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jennifer Rakoczy [Profile] for Jennifer Rakoczy
ReddyMichelle  -  Ext:
[Email] for Michelle Reddy [Profile] for Michelle Reddy
ReihnerPaul  -  Ext:
[Email] for Paul Reihner [Profile] for Paul Reihner
RhodesScott  -  Ext:
[Email] for Scott Rhodes [Profile] for Scott Rhodes
RushMelanie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melanie Rush [Profile] for Melanie Rush
SagererKristen  -  Ext: 6182
[Email] for Kristen Sagerer [Profile] for Kristen Sagerer
ScarmazziDaniel  -  Ext:
[Email] for Daniel Scarmazzi [Profile] for Daniel Scarmazzi
SchwabBrian  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brian Schwab [Profile] for Brian Schwab
ShawKristen  -  Ext:
[Email] for Kristen Shaw [Profile] for Kristen Shaw
ShoupJohn  -  Ext:
[Email] for John Shoup [Profile] for John Shoup
SirianniMelanie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melanie Sirianni [Profile] for Melanie Sirianni
SkroupaAlexander  -  Ext:
[Email] for Alexander Skroupa [Profile] for Alexander Skroupa
SmithAlaina  -  Ext:
[Email] for Alaina Smith [Profile] for Alaina Smith
SmithJoe  -  Ext:
[Email] for Joe Smith [Profile] for Joe Smith
StonerLane  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lane Stoner [Profile] for Lane Stoner
SutherinBeth  -  7242232000
[Email] for Beth Sutherin [Profile] for Beth Sutherin
SwarrowBrandon  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brandon Swarrow [Profile] for Brandon Swarrow
TessmerTim  -  Ext:
[Email] for Tim Tessmer [Profile] for Tim Tessmer
ThornburgErin  -  Ext:
[Email] for Erin Thornburg [Profile] for Erin Thornburg
TuckerRosa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Rosa Tucker [Profile] for Rosa Tucker
UnderwoodKathy  -  Ext:
[Email] for Kathy Underwood [Profile] for Kathy Underwood
UramCraig  -  High School Principal 724-223-2000 Ext: 6505
[Email] for Craig Uram [Profile] for Craig Uram
WalkAmanda  -  Ext: 6218
[Email] for Amanda Walk [Profile] for Amanda Walk
WelshNicole  -  Ext:
[Email] for Nicole Welsh [Profile] for Nicole Welsh
WhiteChristina  -  Ext: 6275
[Email] for Christina White [Profile] for Christina White
WhiteDawn  -  Ext:
[Email] for Dawn White [Profile] for Dawn White
WillisRobyn  -  Ext:
[Email] for Robyn Willis [Profile] for Robyn Willis
ZebraskyZack  -  High School Assistant Principal
[Email] for Zack Zebrasky [Profile] for Zack Zebrasky