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BankyLori  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lori Banky [Profile] for Lori Banky
BatemanMelinda  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melinda Bateman [Profile] for Melinda Bateman
BeimelJustin  -  Ext:
[Email] for Justin Beimel [Profile] for Justin Beimel
BenzenhoeferLindsay  -  Ext: 5503
[Email] for Lindsay Benzenhoefer [Profile] for Lindsay Benzenhoefer
BiernesserBuffy  -  Ext:
[Email] for Buffy Biernesser [Profile] for Buffy Biernesser
BlackhurstElaine  -  Ext:
[Email] for Elaine Blackhurst [Profile] for Elaine Blackhurst
BradenLynn  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lynn Braden [Profile] for Lynn Braden
BreeseDarlene  -  Ext:
[Email] for Darlene Breese [Profile] for Darlene Breese
BricknerTera  -  Ext:
[Email] for Tera Brickner [Profile] for Tera Brickner
BristorMarissa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Marissa Bristor [Profile] for Marissa Bristor
BuriTravis  -  Ext:
[Email] for Travis Buri [Profile] for Travis Buri
CarioliPaco  -  Ext:
[Email] for Paco Carioli [Profile] for Paco Carioli
CarsonJaime  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jaime Carson [Profile] for Jaime Carson
CarusoTrenae  -  Ext:
[Email] for Trenae Caruso [Profile] for Trenae Caruso
ClarkBuddy  -  Ext:
[Email] for Buddy Clark [Profile] for Buddy Clark
ColeRaquel  -  Emotional Support Middle School Teacher 724-228-2112 Ext: 5514
[Email] for Raquel Cole [Profile] for Raquel Cole
CortazzoJaclyn  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jaclyn Cortazzo [Profile] for Jaclyn Cortazzo
CorteseFrancesca  -  Ext:
[Email] for Francesca Cortese [Profile] for Francesca Cortese
CoyleBrandi  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brandi Coyle [Profile] for Brandi Coyle
DaloiaRyan  -  Ext:
[Email] for Ryan Daloia [Profile] for Ryan Daloia
DamaskaKristian  -  Ext:
[Email] for Kristian Damaska [Profile] for Kristian Damaska
DavisMichelle  -  Ext:
[Email] for Michelle Davis [Profile] for Michelle Davis
FranksTerri  -  Ext:
[Email] for Terri Franks [Profile] for Terri Franks
FreiwaldEmily  -  Ext:
[Email] for Emily Freiwald [Profile] for Emily Freiwald
FuchsMatthew  -  Ext:
[Email] for Matthew Fuchs [Profile] for Matthew Fuchs
GandyAndrea  -  Ext:
[Email] for Andrea Gandy [Profile] for Andrea Gandy
Gojmerac Heather  -  Gifted Support Teacher 724-228-2112 x5147
[Email] for Heather Gojmerac [Profile] for Heather Gojmerac
GuthrieXenia  -  Ext:
[Email] for Xenia Guthrie [Profile] for Xenia Guthrie
HartleyJeannette  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jeannette Hartley [Profile] for Jeannette Hartley
HelinskiKatharine  -  Middle School Choir and Orchestra Director Ext: 5197
[Email] for Katharine Helinski [Profile] for Katharine Helinski
HeraldLindsay  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lindsay Herald [Profile] for Lindsay Herald
HigginsBill  -  Ext:
[Email] for Bill Higgins [Profile] for Bill Higgins
HottBrittany  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brittany Hott [Profile] for Brittany Hott
JohnsonJames  -  Ext:
[Email] for James Johnson [Profile] for James Johnson
KnightTara  -  Ext:
[Email] for Tara Knight [Profile] for Tara Knight
KostelnikPaul  -  Ext: 5501
[Email] for Paul Kostelnik [Profile] for Paul Kostelnik
KovacicekBrenda  -  Ext: 5133
[Email] for Brenda Kovacicek [Profile] for Brenda Kovacicek
LaBellaLaura  -  Ext:
[Email] for Laura LaBella [Profile] for Laura LaBella
LangJoseph  -  Ext:
[Email] for Joseph Lang [Profile] for Joseph Lang
LeichliterPamela  -  Ext:
[Email] for Pamela Leichliter [Profile] for Pamela Leichliter
LowryGordon  -  Band Director, Trinity Middle School 724-228-2112 Ext: 5188 Voice Mail: 5488
[Email] for Gordon Lowry [Profile] for Gordon Lowry
McCartneyMatthew  -  Ext:
[Email] for Matthew McCartney [Profile] for Matthew McCartney
MigyankoAndrew  -  Ext:
[Email] for Andrew Migyanko [Profile] for Andrew Migyanko
MillerCarla  -  Ext:
[Email] for Carla Miller [Profile] for Carla Miller
MillerSuzanne  -  Ext:
[Email] for Suzanne Miller [Profile] for Suzanne Miller
MuschickAmber  -  Ext:
[Email] for Amber Muschick [Profile] for Amber Muschick
NicholsonSeth  - 
[Email] for Seth Nicholson [Profile] for Seth Nicholson
OliverioPam  -  Ext:
[Email] for Pam Oliverio [Profile] for Pam Oliverio
PattersonAnna  -  Ext:
[Email] for Anna Patterson [Profile] for Anna Patterson
PerryElisabeth  -  Ext:
[Email] for Elisabeth Perry [Profile] for Elisabeth Perry
PhillipsNicholas  -  Ext:
[Email] for Nicholas Phillips [Profile] for Nicholas Phillips
PodolinskyMelissa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melissa Podolinsky [Profile] for Melissa Podolinsky
RicheyCynthia  -  Ext:
[Email] for Cynthia Richey [Profile] for Cynthia Richey
SennewayNicole  -  Ext:
[Email] for Nicole Senneway [Profile] for Nicole Senneway
SherryMichael  -  Ext: 5174
[Email] for Michael Sherry [Profile] for Michael Sherry
[Email] for BECKY SIEMBAK [Profile] for BECKY SIEMBAK
SipeElise  -  Ext:
[Email] for Elise Sipe [Profile] for Elise Sipe
SmithAlex  -  Emotional Support Teacher 724-228-2112 Ext: 5186
[Email] for Alex Smith [Profile] for Alex Smith
SpadaroSharon  -  Ext:
[Email] for Sharon Spadaro [Profile] for Sharon Spadaro
SrokaBob  -  Ext:
[Email] for Bob Sroka [Profile] for Bob Sroka
TarquinioRon  -  Ext:
[Email] for Ron Tarquinio [Profile] for Ron Tarquinio
VankirkJulie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Julie Vankirk [Profile] for Julie Vankirk
VorumNicole  -  Ext:
[Email] for Nicole Vorum [Profile] for Nicole Vorum
WalshJohn  -  Ext:
[Email] for John Walsh [Profile] for John Walsh
WestNick  -  Ext:
[Email] for Nick West [Profile] for Nick West
WhiteMatt  -  Ext:
[Email] for Matt White [Profile] for Matt White
WoistmanWilliam  -  Ext:
[Email] for William Woistman [Profile] for William Woistman
YoungAshley  -  Ext:
[Email] for Ashley Young [Profile] for Ashley Young
ZeweDeborah  -  Ext:
[Email] for Deborah Zewe [Profile] for Deborah Zewe