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BeboutBea  -  Ext:
[Email] for Bea Bebout [Profile] for Bea Bebout
CookAlyssia  -  Ext:
[Email] for Alyssia Cook [Profile] for Alyssia Cook
DayAdrienne  -  Ext:
[Email] for Adrienne Day [Profile] for Adrienne Day
FartiniEmily  -  Ext:
[Email] for Emily Fartini [Profile] for Emily Fartini
FulgenzioKristen  - 
[Email] for Kristen Fulgenzio [Profile] for Kristen Fulgenzio
Gojmerac Heather  -  Gifted Support Teacher 724-228-2112 x5147
[Email] for Heather Gojmerac [Profile] for Heather Gojmerac
GrossMelissa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Melissa Gross [Profile] for Melissa Gross
HarrisStefanie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Stefanie Harris [Profile] for Stefanie Harris
HatcherAmanda  -  Ext:
[Email] for Amanda Hatcher [Profile] for Amanda Hatcher
HuffKaren  -  Ext:
[Email] for Karen Huff [Profile] for Karen Huff
HughesWilliam  -  Ext:
[Email] for William Hughes [Profile] for William Hughes
InghramBrittany  -  Ext:
[Email] for Brittany Inghram [Profile] for Brittany Inghram
JudkinsLisa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lisa Judkins [Profile] for Lisa Judkins
KeruskinPete  -  Ext: 3501
[Email] for Pete Keruskin [Profile] for Pete Keruskin
LedgerDana  -  Ext:
[Email] for Dana Ledger [Profile] for Dana Ledger
McGarrityJulie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Julie McGarrity [Profile] for Julie McGarrity
MillerLynne  -  Ext:
[Email] for Lynne Miller [Profile] for Lynne Miller
PaludaJennifer  -  Librarian 724-225-7490, ext. 3506 (South) 724-222-4730, ext. 1506 (West)
[Email] for Jennifer Paluda [Profile] for Jennifer Paluda
RanieriStacey  -  Ext:
[Email] for Stacey Ranieri [Profile] for Stacey Ranieri
ReckerMegan  - 
[Email] for Megan Recker [Profile] for Megan Recker
SchreyerSarah  -  Ext:
[Email] for Sarah Schreyer [Profile] for Sarah Schreyer
SmithJennifer  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jennifer Smith [Profile] for Jennifer Smith
SonsonJanice  -  Ext:
[Email] for Janice Sonson [Profile] for Janice Sonson
StricklandKelly  -  Ext:
[Email] for Kelly Strickland [Profile] for Kelly Strickland
TarbuckChristina  -  Ext: 3014
[Email] for Christina Tarbuck [Profile] for Christina Tarbuck
TruslerTim  -  Ext:
[Email] for Tim Trusler [Profile] for Tim Trusler
TsangarisJessica  - 
[Email] for Jessica Tsangaris [Profile] for Jessica Tsangaris
TurekJohn  -  Ext:
[Email] for John Turek [Profile] for John Turek
WardPeggy  -  Ext:
[Email] for Peggy Ward [Profile] for Peggy Ward
WardSherrie  -  Ext:
[Email] for Sherrie Ward [Profile] for Sherrie Ward
WillardKarisa  -  Ext:
[Email] for Karisa Willard [Profile] for Karisa Willard
YimJennifer  -  Ext:
[Email] for Jennifer Yim [Profile] for Jennifer Yim